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What does it do?

What does it do?

Trust Pitcher is an app build specifically to be installed on any Shopify platform by the merchant.

It allows merchant to easily place a customizable box where you can include various contents to increase their trust, we called it the Pitch Box.

Usage Examples:

  1. The location (city and country) of the buyer to let them know that you are shipping to their respective location.
  2. The expected delivery date to their location, this is especially useful for dropshippers where lead times may be higher than average.
  3. Sales pitches - tell buyers on your current promotions, discounts, shipping worldwide, money back guarantee and more.

The app also includes the Trust Badges section where you can place any payment methods available, which avoids buyers from any unnecessary wonder on either you accept their preferred method of payment.

< Original ideas >

Our original idea comes from the list of reasons why buyers abandoned their cats in US to proceed with any E-commerce store. Our app helps to eliminate 5 of the listed concerns.

Unexpected shipping cost - 25%

Having to create use account - 22%

Researching to buy later - 17%

Payment security - 15%

Confusing checkout - 9%

Could not find coupon code - 8%

No express shipping - 4%

Cited from © 2015.

< Key Benefits >

Increase Conversion
  • Conversion will comes naturally with trust
  • The Pitch Box
  • The Trust Badges
Less Cost
  • Transparent delivery reduces customer support
  • Automatic delivery estimation and location detection
Fast & Reliable
  • Speed is our top priority
  • Usage of CDN and total minification bring down latency to the lowest

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